Note from the Editors

here is the stone that bore my weight

Abracadabra by Jacqueline West
Feather, Halo, Hook and Line by Erik Amundsen
Homeric Hymn to Demophoon by Sonya Taaffe
On Disposing of Mice by Susannah Mandel
Witchery by Joanna Gardner

here is the stone that weighed me down

Tarot Reading by Paul Christian Stevens
Blood Waltz by Marcie Tentchoff
Tam Lin's Garden by Jennifer Lawrence
Lion in Love by Marcelle Kasprowicz
Vincent Parson, Aerohamaxeus by Joshua Gage
Triumph XII: Tapah by Shweta Narayan

where is the bridge that hears the roar?

At the Woodcutter's by Rosalind Casey
The Witch by Michelle Fee
My Bed, Made Up with Down Pillows by Virginia Mohlere
The Fawn Prince by Megan Arkenberg
Elsa in the Tontlawald by Tori Truslow
Argot by Joshua Gage

there is the stair that knows the dark

Hunger by Mari Ness
Godfather Death by Rose Lemberg
Songs Mother Goose Taught Me by Elizbeth Lee
Ophelia by Jaime Lee Moyer
Reynard the Revenant by Mike Allen

where is the sound to scare me now?

Soli Invicto by Sonya Taaffe
Three Stone Row by Neile Graham
The Beetle Winds His Horn by Daniel Rabuzzi
The Acorn Queen by J. Mark Hauer