Jennifer Crow: Sign of Wonder

We were fortunate enough to come across Jennifer Crow's work long, long ago in January of 2006, while we were preparing our first ever issue, with no credentials to our names but Mike Allen’s undeserved good opinion. On his recommendation, she submitted some poems to us, and her "Bramblefruit" hooked our hungry editorial hearts. It was the first submission over which Jess and I mutually exclaimed in pleasure. It appeared in our first issue, and since then we’ve had at least one, and frequently two or three, pieces of hers in each. She produces poetry for all seasons, and we feel that her work has become emblematic of what we look for: sensuous language, lush images, lines full of longing and depth, partaking of sea-brine and sweet in musical measure. We felt it appropriate, then, to showcase the work of a poet who’s been with us since before the very beginning in this, our third anniversary issue.

Jennifer's first poetry collection, published by Sam’s Dot Publishing in November of 2008, is called Signs and Wonders. It’s beautifully illustrated by Marge Simon, and contains only one of the poems published at Goblin Fruit. We urge you to acquire a copy, because we firmly believe that seeking out all the words of hers you haven’t read is a necessary exercise in the pursuit of poetic happiness.


The Editors


Spikenard, Calamus and Bitter Honey
Orpheus in the Overworld
The Girl with Fish in Her Hair
Black Ships Burning
Ghost Country

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