Note from the Editors

Amal says: It's summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and some days in Ottawa you can almost even tell. We rather suspect our Mr. Hunter of feeding us the cool of an Oceanic Winter through the ornamented mouths of his art. Luckily, there's enough heat and surf in this issue's poems to give the season a semblance of its usual self.

Here, there be demons. There be dryads and Devas, selkies and changelings, wolves and coyotes. This is an issue overrun with magic, with love songs and plaints, longings 'fore and after. These poems partake of desert and ocean, rooted somewhere between sand and salt and sky. Keep a glass of cool water to hand; you'll need it whether you read them aloud or not.

Jess says: And now, the exciting news! You (yes, you) may now, for the low cost of $7 USD, own your very own copy of the first installation in what my co-editrix and I hope will be a series of Fresh From the Vine chapbooks. What is this installation, you ask? This would be Demon Lovers and Other Difficulties, a chapbook featuring poetry by Nicole Kornher-Stace, this issue's featured poet, and a poem co-written with C.S.E. Cooney that is included only in the chapbook. Also exclusive are illustrations by our very own Oliver Hunter. It may be purchased by consulting the barrow-goblin nested within The Feature.

We must heap thanks upon Mike Allen's purple-hatted head for help with the layout, and Mike VanHelder's keen eye, for copyediting. We're really excited about this collection, which we unveiled at Readercon, and hope to be able to do more in the future -- which will depend, of course, on how well it does.

We'd also like to extend the most heartfelt congratulations possible to the winners of the Rhysling Award, who included Samantha Henderson, a poet regularly featured in Goblin Fruit. She placed second in the short category of the Rhyslings for her poem "Spell," first featured in last year's Fall issue. Brava, Sam!

Amal says: We'd also like to draw your attention to some forthcoming developments. Keep an eye on the Mischief; there are more Goblin Fruit trailers to come, as well as a podcasted interview with ours truly done by Emily Wagner of We Have Thumbs. Thanks as ever to our wonderful contributors, our incomparable webmaster Dmitri Zagidulin, and all of you for reading.

Now get ye to a crossroads and tell us what you find there.