Coyote Does Chicago

by C. S. E. Cooney

Coyote's in Chicago
Half a mile from Navy Pier
Been lopin' for some distance
And he's mighty glad he's here
Though them rescuers have rifles
And their tranquilizers fly
Ol' Coyote's in Chicago
And he's stirrin' up the sky

Hitched a ride on Spider's hide
'Bout as far as she would take him
Stormed the desert of Sonora
But the desert didn't break him
Scavenged Yellowstone, Yosemite
But never found his rest
For his mammy was a She-Wolf
And his pappy was the West

Think you'll catch him with a chicken
In that cage so close and nice?
Think you'll net him on that breakwall
All circumscribed by ice?
Well he learned to walk on water
Way below the seagull's cry
Yeah, he learned to walk on water
And he's stirrin' up the sky

So run, Coyote, run
Run as fast as you can
Says the grim and weary hunter
The Coyote-catcher man
'Cause when you catch Coyotes
And you shape your life that way
You are shaped by what you hunt for
And become the prey one day

See Coyote on the Metra
See Coyote on the El
'Roundabout the Art Museum
'Neath the Water Plant as well
Oh, run, Coyote, run
Scamper fast and away
And remember what they tell ya --
Every dog'll have his day

Hey, yeah! Coyote, hey!

C. S. E. Cooney lives in an aerie and writes when she can. As Chicago is a realm under the greater dictatorship of winter, her favorite kind of day is one wherein she can eat the sun. But she also has a keen fondness for a wuthering.

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