Urashima Taro sings

Francesca Forrest

Knot me nori harai-gushi
bless me with lightning from the sea
pray me a seaweed prayer

Beneath the waves,
I slept with a young maid
Our limbs long and loose entangling
wrapping round and slipping free

Pulled from that soft embrace
I shriveled and stiffened
contorted like the konbu left to dry
Along the sand
So pray me a sea prayer
My own tears transformed
Into purifying salt

Francesca Forrest finds that living by a swamp has made her appreciate water and wetness more and more. She plans on cajoling the frogs to teach her how to breathe through her skin. She has always loved black raspberries because you can find them in the first weeks of July, growing wild by the train tracks.

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