Note from the Editors

Amal says: Welcome to our 20th issue.

It's so strange to think of it as such. I tend to think of Goblin Fruit in terms of seasons, with a certain inevitability to each one's turning; with each issue, we usher a season out as well as in, as we build both in celebration of Winter and anticipation of Spring. It is always a matter of cycles, of anniversaries, and the notion that time passes, that we are building up issue on issue as well as year on year, is something of a strange one. Perhaps it is because we look forward to our fifth anniversary that 20 issues seems unbelievable; perhaps it is that Goblin 'zines age somewhere between cats and dogs, four years to our one.

Best, perhaps, not to ponder it too deeply.

These are the lean times, the hungry times, when there is more salt and bone to the world than flesh. This is an issue of snow, stars, and diamonds, of fairy tales and shadows, and cold to paint your breath against the night.

You may notice a subtle change to the way we administer audio now; thanks to Rose Lemberg, who edits Stone Telling in addition to enriching our 'zine with her own work, we now have an audio player along with each poem, so that you can read as you listen should you choose.

The art for this issue comes to us courtesy of FAM, a wonderful Melbourne artist whose work we are profoundly honoured to showcase. More information is available in our shiny new Artists space, where you can also get to know all the other amazing people who have graciously shared their work with us.

Thanks are due as ever to Oliver Hunter, for securing such talent for our purposes; to Dmitri Zagidulin, for his winsome web-beastly ways; and to our dear contributors, on whose words we feast when the cupboard's bare.