Note from the Editors


Donkeyskin by Midori Snyder

The Book of the Labyrinth

The Midwife's Progress by Joy Marchand
Chicken Ship by Lydia Towsey
Mermaid by Jeanell Buida Bolton
Cygnus by Wendy Howe
Crowsong and Earworm Ballad by Erik Amundsen
Midnight Rendezvous, Philly by Mike Allen
Scarlet Ode by Gwynne Garfinkle
A Promise from the Sea by Sonya Taaffe


The Dead Sidekick by Lon Prater

The Book of the Hare

The Tale of Owl by Miranda Gaw
Adeline by Joshua Davis
The Kappa by Joshua Gage
Salmon by A. R. Stone
The White Doe of Nara by Joshua Gage
What Comes After Rain by E. Lily Yu
Mermaids at Tashlikh by Sonya Taaffe
The Seasons' Dying by Samantha Henderson


The Night Journey by Terri Windling