The Acorn Queen

by J. Mark Hauer

Whatever is the Acorn Queen?
Nothing but leaf, clay and mould
and dragonfly wings.

She flits here and there,
among the green growing things:
"The small shall be mighty,"
is all that she sings --

Until she sleeps come winter.

J. Mark Hauer has made a career of living beneath his potential and when self-disgust lashes him until he weeps, he lifts his quill with results that are all too often, well, depraved. He lives simply -- upon the largess of his friends and coworkers. It is just that simple.

When he is not begging for money, deflowering members of the bridal train, or selling his own precious bodily fluids, Mr. Hauer lives a modest life in Huntsville, AL. He holds a BA in Anthropology, a major he asserts is just as entertaining as English, but without the stigma of EPD or (English Professor Personality Disorder)that crippling disability that has the sufferer make megalomaniacal assertions of "what the story really means" despite all evidence to the contrary.

Illustration: 'Danse Noir' by Roseau

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