The Girl with Fish in Her Hair

by Jennifer Crow

She dances on wave-tops, toes
striking silver as they send arcs
of spray onto the rocks. Wind-wise,
world-weary, she slips off the skin
of hunger and work, clocks
and curfews. Her dress of kelp
clings to her, seams pinned
by the tiniest pink and black crabs.
Fingerlings curl round her fingers
and in her hair, iridescent fins
pin her tresses in a riot of curls.

She rides the backs of sharks,
soles gripping rough skin,
and she lifts her face to the wind
and her eyes catch the sun's jewels
poured out across the sea.
She scatters salty dreams
with every step; men try to catch
her, but she slips below the surface
of their greedy dreams.

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