Note from the Editors

Feature: Nicole Kornher-Stace

to stitch your palm

Sumerian Love Song by Mary Alexandra Agner
Penelope's Bed by Karen Berry
Woman Giving Birth to Air by Neile Graham
Beautifully Mutilated, Instantly Antiquated by Alex Dally MacFarlane

the thorn of roads

Apsara by Shweta Narayan
True Thomas at Secret Cove by Neile Graham
Displaced by Shweta Narayan
Secret Identity by Gale Acuff
Coyote Does Chicago by C.S.E. Cooney

to lash your hip

Raqs Sharqi by Joshua Gage
The Sweet Hell Within by Thomas Zimmerman
Wolf and Girl by Alexis Vergalla
Tam Lin's Thoughts After the Last Chord by Anna Renz

the knot of salt

The Selchie's Children's Plaint by Jane Yolen
The Changeling Maid by Patricia Roy
The Drowned Town by Gemma Files
Urashima Taro sings by Francesca Forrest

The Meek Shall Inherit... by Delbert Gardner
Article of Faith by Anna Sykora